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ELCHARGE™ modular charging systems

Our recently launched modular rapid charging system uses DC/DC technology and has it's own battery pack. Charge anywhere with limited or without grid power.


Do you want to take advantage of the opportunity to store the power when it is cheap and take power from your own batteries when the power is expensive? Then this may be the solution for you!

ELVIEW® - digital logistics solution

ELVIEW® will give you full control of your ELDRIFT modules and chargers, both on your computer and mobile devices.

Irene Kraftcontainer

In collaboration with Integrate and Ferroamp, Eldrift has developed a prototype in Integrate Renewables' IRene Kraftcontainer. The DC-DC technology, which Eldrift is developing, is also suitable for other places where there is direct current infrastructure such as solar cells and / or batteries.

ELCHARGE™ Container Unit (CCU)

Do you work in the construction industry and are wondering how to get heavy machinery charged on site? Our container solution may be the answer! It can be adapted to the power input and several devices can charge simultaneously.